How much is it?

The live caricaturing i.e. doing caricatures on the spot at an event, is on a sliding scale. It is difficult to give general figures out as every event is unique and so many factors have to be taken into consideration although I am happy to give a firm quotation once I have these details;

How long does it take?

Each caricature takes approximately 5 minutes to draw so in a two hour session about 26 caricatures can be done.

Can you wander about?

Yes. I am completely self contained and can wander round tables or rooms if required.

Can you do groups?

Yes. Couples are a particular favourite but it should be remembered that it takes longer to draw a couple than it does to draw two individuals. Also the drawings are less accurate the bigger the group gets and only one out of the group can keep the original drawing. I always advise people who want to be in a group to have their individual drawings done then they can scan those into a computer and create a montage. That way everyone gets to keep their original.

Do you need any special requirements?

Light. You would be surprised how often people do not consider this. The more light I have the better the drawing. A marquee at night with just a starcloth and candles on the tables is a real struggle. I have done it but the drawings take longer to do and a lot of the entertainment value is lost because no-one can really see what I am doing.

Is anyone ever offended?

No, but some of the ladies are sometimes overwhelmed and hug me! This is because my drawings are a flattering portrait of the sitter. I effectively do a makeover for them and where necessary take years off their age and pounds off their weight (a caricature in reverse in effect!). My style is ideal for those who do not even like having their photograph taken.

When would be the best time to use your services?

When you need to create some interest or when 'ice' may need to be broken. So, during the photography session at a wedding or during pre dinner drinks and over dinner. The drawings entertain the guests and provides a talking point for others. There really is no limit to the occasions where my skills can be utilized. I once entertained a group of interviewees while the selection board discussed who would be the successful candidate. It should also be remembered that people are fascinated watching the process of the drawing, so far more people are entertained than actually receive an original work of art.

Aren't all caricaturists the same?

No. Each has a unique style. I have developed a particularly flattering and lifelike style which pleasantly surprises most people as it is the opposite of what they understand a caricature to be. If you wanted a knockabout, over-the-top, exaggerated style for a drunken stag or student do then my style would probably be unsuitable and you would need to hire someone else. Always ask to see an example of a caricaturists work before committing to a booking. I have a flyer if you wish to show examples of my work to other people who don't have Internet access. Any other queries please e-mail me or ring 01924 278434.

How do I book you?

Contact me to check availability first. If the date is available and you are happy with the price I will then send you details of what I require.

How do I spell 'caricatures'?

Not like this; characatures, charachatures, characitures, carichatures, charichatures, cartooner.

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